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12-13 September, 2017, Los Angeles

Green Shipping Summit is coming to LA! The shipping conference will gather the wide range of the key players in the maritime industry: from shipbuilding companies to government bodies, in order to discuss the shipping news and explore endless possibilities for the future. This is an incredible opportunity for everyone in the shipping industry to get together and share their expertise, for the greater goal - to make the maritime market as green as possible. Green Shipping Summit USA is where the environmentally friendly future starts!

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24-25 October, 2017, Nice

LNG Solutions 2017: Fuelling the Future will bring together the entire value chain of those involved in developing and growing LNG infrastructure, including commercial and investment executives, through to technology and innovation experts, all seeking to develop and expand new LNG import markets and infrastructure. This summit will examine case studies, markets and technology that are driving the smaller-scale, floating LNG, FSRU and LNG fuelling industries forward across Europe and the Mediterranean.

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16-17 October, 2017, Rotterdam

The International Green Shipping Summit is an outstanding business platform uniting the international collective of major shipowners, shipbuilding companies, shipyards, ports, associations and maritime service providers! This is the opportunity for key shipping industry players to gather in one place, discuss the most innovative and sustainable solutions in order to make the maritime future as environmentally friendly as possible. The International Green Shipping Summit is the place when new business partnerships are to be established and where one has a possibility network together with fellow industry professionals!

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27-28 February 2018, Houston

The LNG US Summit is a high standard business event for top international LNG experts from all over the world! There is no doubt that LNG sectors differ from continent to continent and, therefore, it is indispensable to meet fellow industry professionals from overseas, to exchange one’s views on the latest LNG news, trends, innovations and upcoming regulations. The LNG conference will take place on February 27- 28 in Houston, Texas. It is a knowledge exchange platform uniting major industry players from leading companies and organizations and giving them a possibility to dive into fruitful two- day discussion on LNG - related issues and network together.

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26-27 March, 2018, Panama

World's Shipping industries eyes are fixed on Panama, where Panama Canal Expansion became the largest infrastructure project since its opening. This provides the world’s shippers, retailers, manufacturers and consumers with greater shipping options, better maritime service, enhanced logistics and supply-chain reliability. The Expansion included the construction of a new set of locks on the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the waterway, creation of the Pacific Access Channel, creating a third lane of traffic and doubling the cargo capacity of the waterway. Wisdom Events are proud to announce an exclusive event for key maritime industry executives Panama - a country that grows to expand world trade.

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