Small-Scale LNG Summit

20 February 2018, Milan

Small-Scale International LNG Summit is an industry-targeted event that provides the opportunity to meet with LNG professionals and discuss industry challenges providing potential solutions. With an intensive Summit schedule, you will have access to considerable knowledge and expertise of recognised LNG executives, who will share insights about the importance of developing small-scale LNG infrastructure, its opportunities and challenges, global market trends, solutions for making LNG commercially successful and even more relevant topics. It is a great place to build business partnerships and design the future of the small-scale LNG industry together.

2nd LNG USA Summit

27-28 February 2018, Houston

The 2nd Annual LNG USA Summit is an uppermost business event for chief LNG experts from across the globe. Delegates from the most prominent companies that participate in LNG related operations will be discussing challenges posed by environmental and LNG regulations, share insights about the LNG market in USA and the world as well as other pertinent topics. The 2nd Annual LNG USA Summit provides you with two days of knowledge sharing, unparalleled networking opportunities and possibilities to raise your profile with brand exposure to a large audience of major LNG industry players.

Green Maritime Forum

23-24 April, 2018, Hamburg

Green Maritime Forum will offer a comprehensive program focusing on the expansion and development of shipping related processes. Utilizing the knowledge of expert speakers, industry leaders will be able to obtain the tools and practices they need to cultivate the most innovative and environmentally-friendly Maritime business. Speakers and fellow attendees will engage and learn together, offering powerful insights on current industry trends, forming partnerships, identifying business growth opportunities, and cementing companies’ role as a force for good when they look for ways to protect the environment. It is a perfect chance to meet marine professionals and industry luminaries.

3rd International LNG Summit

25-26 April, 2018, Hamburg

The 3rd Annual International LNG Summit provides an excellent opportunity to engage in discussions about the outlook of the LNG market, its future regarding the growth of LNG demand in Europe as well as the emerging markets and the influence of governments on the LNG sector. This conference will gather global LNG executives and professionals who add value to every process of LNG operations to collaborate and provide the most beneficial solutions to pressing industry challenges. The 3rd Annual LNG Summit will also provide you with the prime opportunity to develop new contacts and relationships from across the spectrum of the LNG business.