Global LNG Bunkering Experience

9 - 10 March 2020

The LNG Bunkering market is anticipating huge growth between 2020 -2025, largely due to the implementation of environmental regulations across the globe that set out to improve the emission performance of shipping companies. Natural gas prices have been low over the past few years leading to an increase in the demand for LNG powered ships, the US market is set to expand dramatically and Europe is already a huge powerhouse using LNG as a shipping fuel. Plus, with the Middle East and Asia catching up fast there is a plethora of opportunities.

Global eCommerce Summit 2021

16-17 March 2021, Virtual

eCommerce across the globe has significantly spiked due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a massive change to the types of goods that are being bought due to social distancing with many consumers focusing on buying essential goods. During this 24hr virtual summit, we will be focusing on the key trends in the eCommerce industry and methods to overcome the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Global BioControl Conference 2021

7-8 April 2021, Virtual

The inaugural Global Biocontrol Conference 2021 is the premier event for leading experts in the biocontrol industry. This 100% virtual will be the first of Wisdom’s upcoming agro portfolio, and will bring together producers of biocontrol agents and associations representing them, independent researchers and laboratories, registration and testing service providers, regulatory bodies, biotechnology specialists, consultants, market analysts, distributors of agro-chemical products, growers and academia.

Advanced BioFuels Summit 2021

13-14 April 2021, Virtual

Fuelled by the demand for sustainable clean fuels, coupled with a favourable regulatory climate, increased government initiatives for eco-friendly alternative fuels, and with global energy consumption projected to increase 28% by 2040, the global biofuel market is expected to see significant growth over the next few years. Major blending mandates that drive the global demand for biofuels have been set in the US, China, and Brazil. These countries have a target of achieving 15-27% blend of biofuels with conventional fuel by 2020-2022, which is expected to drive global demand in their respective regions.

Blockchain Finance Forum 2021

28-29 April, Virtual

The Blockchain Finance Forum 2021, through a series of top-level presentations, interactive panel discussions, and solution-based case studies will explore the effects that this new disruptive technology has on the financial sector, and at the same time showcase the best practices and models to recognize and seize the opportunities to generate new revenue, deliver process efficiency, improve end-user experience and reduce risk in business operations that come with it.