Webinar Maritime In Today's Climate

20 May 2020, Virtual

Maritime In Today's Climate Webinar

24 hour Virtual Global GAS & LNG Summit and Exhibition

17-18 June 2020, Virtual

24 hour Virtual Global GAS & LNG Summit and Exhibition

Virtual Patient Experience Innovation Summit Asia 2020

23 June 2020, Virtual

Virtual Patient Experience Innovation Summit Asia 2020

Virtual Global Hydrogen Industrial Summit 2020

24 June 2020, Virtual

Virtual Global Hydrogen Industrial Summit 2020 Virtual Summit

Virtual Biogas USA 2020 Conference

30 June 2020, Virtual

Virtual Biogas USA 2020 Conference Virtual Conference

Virtual 48 hour Global Maritime Summit 2020

8-9 July 2020, Virtual

Taking it to the next level: After a remarkable success in delivering shipping events, Wisdom will be taking you for the 1st time Through the Virtual 48 hour Global Maritime Summit. The conference that will be held virtualy, will be bringing together well known high-experts and specialists from governmental transport associations, shipping Companies and leading service providers. The Two-Day Virtual Summit event will be an opportunity to discover latest technologies and goals and in the shipping world; in addition to the latest strategies leading to Shipping Development while promoting sustainable development.

Upstream 4.0 – Oil and Gas Conference

2-3 September 2020, Houston

Industry 4.0 is a growing term covering the upstream oil and gas sector in its fourth growth cycle. It encompasses bringing the sector into the 21st century as well as beyond by embracing, adopting and deploying new, virtual and real time technology developments to take learnings from the industry’s last 3 revisions and making safety, cost efficiency and technology deployment leaner, more efficient and more effective.

Gas & LNG Summit Canada

6-7 October 2020, Calgary, Canada

The new era of digitalisation is spreading to various industries, and the Gas and LNG sector is no exception. New technologies are being developed every day, and to stay ahead of the market, operators across the value chain need to stay informed. The Gas and LNG Summit Canada provides a perfect platform to gather all the relevant information about cutting-edge innovations and solutions. Expert speakers, high-level executives, renowned innovators and even industry disruptors will come together to share their ideas and network. It’s the best chance for Gas and LNG professionals to stay in the know about the changing landscape of technological development in the sector.

Maritime Talent Development Forum 2020

29 September 2020, Rotterdam

This Event will offer a comprehensive program focusing on the expansion, development and analysis of maritime talents and crew related processes. Utilizing the knowledge of expert speakers, industry leaders will be able to obtain the tools and practices they need to cultivate the most innovative and attractive maritime industry for their personnel. Speakers, most of them from shipowners companies, and delegates will engage and learn together, offering powerful insights on current onboard team challenges, forming partnerships, identifying business growth opportunities, and cementing companies’ role as a force for good when they look for ways to improve maritime crew industry and discover the full range of opportunities this industry can offer to genuine talents. It is a perfect chance to meet marine HR&Crew professionals and maritime luminaries.

5th International Green & Smart Shipping Summit

30 September and 1 October 2020, Rotterdam

After gaining popularity among maritime industry leaders in the previous three years, the 5th International Green & Smart Shipping Summit is back to provide industry professionals with ways to reduce pollution from shipping. Maritime experts and policymakers will delve into debates on alternative fuels, green port initiatives and the importance of digitalisation for efficient & environmentally conscious ship operations. The event will also welcome influential decision-makers from key companies in the sector to help them learn new approaches to sustainability and find partners during networking activities. With a conference, exhibition and networking opportunities – this Summit is a perfect recipe for success to any maritime business.

5th Annual Global LNG Summit by Wisdom

7-8 October, 2020, Barcelona, Spain

Continuing the high standards of previous years, the 5th Annual Global LNG Summit by Wisdom will welcome world-renowned industry experts and decision-makers to share & exchange knowledge about latest innovations, strategic approaches, actionable tools and technologies necessary to run a profitable LNG business. The dynamic event will offer you the opportunity to meet and interact with leading LNG industry professionals across the entire value chain during the focus exhibition, networking breaks and social activities. This unique combination will allow attendees to conduct formal face to face meetings and informal conversations while learning how to achieve maximum results in the LNG market.

Patient Experience Innovation Asia 2020

14-15 October 2020, Hanoi, Vietnam

This regional two-day conference brings together global decision-makers, thought leaders, visionaries, disruptors as well as technology pioneers’ providers to discuss regarding the future of value-based healthcare where various global leaders will share their journey and industrial insights. From dedicated solution zones to curated meetings, thought-provoking discussions creating an ecosystem for you to engage with the right decision-makers in a way that permits you to deliver a compelling business case. The event will have different streams focusing on healthcare organizations with a foundational culture of patient experience excellence.

North American Hydrogen Industrial Summit 2020

14-15 October 2020, San Francisco

With the world focusing more on reducing emissions, and the incredible advancements of the Hydrogen industry, the time is now to explore this growing market, the latest innovations, the state of investment and the upcoming economic opportunities. The Hydrogen Summit will be taking place in San Francisco, California on the 14th & 15th October 2020. The two-day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from all corners of the Hydrogen industry. To give you an insight into the latest regulations impacting on global transition in energy trends & the required economical and infrastructure innovations for a sustainable energy carrier.

Biogas USA 2020 Conference

28-29 October 2020, Los Angeles, California

Continuing the high standards of the Wisdom portfolio of global events, The Biogas USA 2020 Conference will welcome RNG and biogas industry experts, and decision-makers from all across the USA to share, learn and collaborate on the latest innovations, strategic approaches, actionable legislation, and future trends in the industry. This event will offer you the opportunity to network with key RNG stakeholders ranging from feedstock owners, project developers, energy producers, CNG fleet owners and operators, investors, utilities, and municipalities. The unique combination of all the key players in the same room and at the same time allows for candid and productive dialogue where participants discuss best practices, experiences, what’s working, and, more importantly, what’s not.

LNG LATAM Latin America and Caribean LNG Summit

2-3 February 2021, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

LNG LATAM is the most important regional LNG summit of 2021. Latin America & The Caribbean remain key growth markets for LNG as the global economy begins its recovery from Covid-19. This will be the summit to recollect, reignite and plan together for the future, at a time when we can reflect on a new world of opportunity and risk, and move forward with clarity. Network with private and government industry leaders from across Latin America and the Caribbean; and the biggest global energy companies, developers and investors. Come face to face for group conversations on country and project focused roundtables. Gain vital knowledge through an interactive agenda built around Panels, Q&A and discussion; including themes such as Brazil’s market liberalization, Regulation, Indigenous relations, Finance, Small-scale LNG, Shipping, Geopolitics, Transportation and much more.

4th Small-Scale LNG Summit

3-4 February 2021, Milan

The Small-Scale LNG Summit is an annual international event exploring the opportunity for LNG infrastructure expansion with small-scale projects. Already in its fourth year, this Summit has become a well-known, popular platform for LNG industry professionals, leading companies, senior executives and decision-makers to come together for discussions about the tremendous potential of the small-scale LNG sector across the globe. The event programme is the perfect blend of engaging presentations, focus exhibition, next-level networking and social activities. This is an excellent choice for all energy market players, looking to achieve success in the LNG business.

5th Annual LNG USA Summit

24-25 February 2021, Houston

The 5th Annual LNG USA Summit is an event where leading LNG industry executives and experts gather to address a common goal: expansion of the LNG industry in the U.S. The closed-door environment of the Summit allows high-level participants to fully engage in worthwhile discussions and take advantage of quality networking opportunities. The event is designed to inform and inspire operators across the LNG value chain and facilitate effective decision-making. It’s a unique chance to learn how to integrate technological, environmental and economic developments into the LNG market to push the sector towards profitability and growth. It is an excellent source of innovative ideas, quality connections and groundbreaking solutions.