Upstream 4.0 – Oil and Gas Conference

2-3 September 2020, Houston

Industry 4.0 is a growing term covering the upstream oil and gas sector in its fourth growth cycle. It encompasses bringing the sector into the 21st century as well as beyond by embracing, adopting and deploying new, virtual and real time technology developments to take learnings from the industry’s last 3 revisions and making safety, cost efficiency and technology deployment leaner, more efficient and more effective.

LNG Summit Asia

3 June 2020, Singapore

LNG Summit Asia is a multifaceted business platform, providing opportunities for knowledge exchange, networking and partnership building. Word-class speakers and key LNG industry leaders will tackle topics, concerning outlooks and recent trends in the field of LNG development in the Asia Pacific and globally. Apart from panel sessions and individual presentations by industry experts, this Summit is great for networking & establishing beneficial business collaborations. It is a premier LNG event for the Asian region, promising to help companies in this sector reach their goals.

3rd Green Maritime Forum

24 March, 2020, Hamburg

For the third time in a row, Green Maritime Forum will invite shipping professionals to offer solutions for the whole industry to become green. The impressive speaker lineup, including world-renowned experts, will reveal technological advances and smart innovations that could future-proof vessels & ports. Along with educational sessions, networking breaks will provide an outlet for creative ideas about maritime that could break out into interesting peer discussions, leading to connections being made and partnerships built. The 3rd Green Maritime Forum is designed to benefit your business and improve the whole industry.

3rd Small-Scale LNG Summit

11-12 February 2020, Milan

The Small-Scale LNG Summit is an annual international event exploring the opportunity for LNG infrastructure expansion with small-scale projects. Already in its third year, this Summit has become a well-known, popular platform for LNG industry professionals, leading companies, senior executives and decision-makers to come together for discussions about the tremendous potential of the small-scale LNG sector across the globe. The event programme is the perfect blend of engaging presentations, focus exhibition, next-level networking and social activities. This is an excellent choice for all energy market players, looking to achieve success in the LNG business.

4th Annual LNG USA Summit

25-26 February 2020, Houston

The 4th Annual LNG USA Summit is an event where leading LNG industry executives and experts gather to address a common goal: expansion of the LNG industry in the U.S. The closed-door environment of the Summit allows high-level participants to fully engage in worthwhile discussions and take advantage of quality networking opportunities. The event is designed to inform and inspire operators across the LNG value chain and facilitate effective decision-making. It’s a unique chance to learn how to integrate technological, environmental and economic developments into the LNG market to push the sector towards profitability and growth. It is an excellent source of innovative ideas, quality connections and groundbreaking solutions.