Biogas North America 2021 Forum

22 June 2021, Virtual

The conference will welcome RNG and biogas industry experts and decision-makers from across the USA to share, learn and collaborate on the latest innovations, strategic approaches, actionable legislation, and future trends in the industry. This event will offer you the opportunity to network with crucial RNG stakeholders ranging from feedstock owners, project developers, energy producers, CNG fleet owners and operators, investors, utilities, and municipalities. This unique combination of all the key players in the same room allows for candid and productive dialogue. Participants discuss best practices, experience, and ascertain where the most commercial developments & business opportunities lie in the US biogas sector. Its interactive format of panel discussions, presentations, open discussion allowing for engaging Q&A, and structured business networking opportunities will allow attendees to walk away with invaluable insights and practical takeaways.

Hydrogen Industrial Series - Europe

7 July 2021, Virtual

Hydrogen became a central business opportunity for a great number of companies across the entire value chain and the incredible partnership opportunities came into place. With Europe fast heading towards zero emission target, alongside the worldwide transformation across businesses, alliance amongst major players across the value chain is inevitable. Hydrogen Industrial Series – Europe on 7 July 2021 will bring together key industry stakeholders, already established in the market, as well as those entering the hydrogen industry, to share their experience and future strategy plans, enhancing business profitability alongside overall transition in the energy arena. Join us to connect with your peers, for a senior meeting debating the future strategy plans of the key European players across the Hydrogen value chain.

Hydrogen Industrial Series - North America

14 July 2021, Virtual

Hydrogen Industrial Series 2021 – North America will delve deep to uncover the potential for hydrogen across North America. On 14 July 2021 we will gather the key industry stakeholders in the entire hydrogen and fuel cells industry value chain, to discuss the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, to hear the latest advancements in its production, distribution and storage, and at the same time showcase the best practices and models to recognize and seize the opportunities to generate new revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

7th Green Shipping Summit

8-9 September 2021, Virtual

Wisdom’s 7th Green Shipping Summit on 8 and 9 September 2021 will offer a comprehensive program focusing on the expansion and development of shipping related processes. Utilizing the knowledge of expert speakers, industry leaders will be able to obtain the tools and practices they need to cultivate the most innovative and environmentally-friendly Maritime business. Speakers and fellow attendees will engage and learn together, offering powerful insights on current industry trends, forming partnerships, identifying business growth opportunities, and cementing companies’ role as a force for good when they look for ways to protect the environment. It is a perfect chance to meet marine professionals and industry.

5th Annual LNG Summit USA 2021

29-30 September 2021, Houston, USA

The 5th Annual LNG USA Summit has become one of the outstanding events for LNG industry leaders in the US. Join us on 29 and 30 September 2021 2021 in Houston, Texas to:

  • Hear from a wide array of key industry speakers
  • Find answers to pressing questions from within the industry from companies at the forefront of development Network with key industry players from leading companies in the field.
  • Benefit from a discount on group registrations.
  • Join us for two interactive and content driven days.

Downstream 4.0 Summit 2021

27-28 October 2021, Milan, Italy / Virtual

The Downstream 4.0 Summit aims to bring the traditional downstream sector towards 2050 and beyond by embracing, adopting and deploying new energy transition trends with technology and production developments. The Summit will provide a platform for senior industry representatives, allowing them to get a deep understanding of the upcoming climate neutrality goals, decarbonisation trends and its impact on refining operations and the industry as a whole. By an in depth analysis of the emissions targets, new market demands, technology solutions and refinery conversions already in place, as well as in progress, the Summit will bring the industry learnings into the 21st century. Case studies, panel discussions and sessions purely based on the industry research, aim to combine and comprehend the already existing knowledge with the industry`s vision towards the future